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Money, Money, Money
Posted on: Friday, March 26, 2010

I use the word 'felt' because money is really an illusion.
No matter what we actually own - or do not own - there are some days when we feel richer than other days.
We might feel richer because we just received our pay cheque (who doesn't feel richer at the beginning of the month than at the end?). Or if we are lucky enough to own property, and we hear someone say that the value of the flat next door was higher than we thought we feel richer because ours too has gone up in value.
If the flat next door has gone down in value, we instantly feel poorer.
Our Feelings Around Money Affect Our Emotions
Nothing has really changed - especially if we have no plans to move - but our emotions are affected, often for quite a few hours.
We might find that something we want to buy costs less than we had allocated in which case it feels as if we have saved a chunk of cash. We might be given an unexpected cash birthday present or win £10 on the lottery or £25 on the premium bonds and so we feel we can treat ourselves to some small item that we have been wanting.
Our feelings about how much or how little money we have change from day to day. When you begin to observe that about yourself, you can sometimes see the funny side of it.
We are often truly ruled by our emotions where money is concerned.
Everyone has Days when they feel Either Rich or Poor
It also doesn't make any difference how much you actually do have. Many wealthy people felt poor when their vast portfolios of shares crashed in 2008.
And if you have just had to pay out a sum of money that you really regret such as a car clamp and tow bill, it doesn't matter what you own, you still feel really sick. 
None of the amounts and situations that I have described above make a huge difference to our overall financial situation (unless we are planning to move or have lost our jobs). But it does show how our feelings around money fluctuate from day to day or even hour to hour.
How to Find Peace of Mind Around the Subject of Money
Some people who have nothing are among the most generous people on earth. Others who have so much find it very difficult to put their hands in their pockets and give to people in need.
In many countries in the West the boom financial years will not come again - at least not in the foreseeable future.
In order to find more peace of mind, we are all going to have to take time to understand ourselves better where money is concerned.
Your Family’s Attitude to Money
When we recognise how many of our values are shaped by the families we grew up in, it becomes easier to change them. If your family mantra was 'we can't afford it' or 'that's extravagant' or 'let's just put in on the card', then that is going to affect how you feel about money and how you choose to use it.
It is worth taking the time to explore your feelings about money and why you buy (or don't buy) different products and services.
You may come to some surprising conclusions and learn a lot more about yourself in the process.
And that will certainly come in useful in the more financially austere years that are ahead.
PS - If you hate thinking or talking about money, that tells you something for a start.
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