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2010 - A Good Year for New Business Ideas
Posted on: Friday, January 15, 2010

NEWSLETTER 1 -  2010
Tuesday 26th January 2010
Judy will be speaking at a networking lunch on the subject of “Growing Your Business” at Mosborough Hall Hotel, Sheffield. Details at: Forward Ladies Lunch
Saturday 13th February 2010
Judy will be presenting an all day workshop in Cheltenham on “Reinventing Your Life and Work for the New Consciousness Ahead”. Details at:The Isbourne Holistic Centre
Friday 19th March 2010
Judy will be talking on the subject of “Growing Your Business Through Difficult Times” at the Vitality Show which runs from 18th – 21st March 2010 at Earls Court.
2010 – A Good Year for New Business Ideas
Yesterday I attended a conference for experienced and start-up entrepreneurs organised by Entrepreneurcountry.
Among the events on the programme, three people, Stephan Shakespeare of Yougov,  Alastair Lukies of Monitise and Sahar Hashemi who founded CoffeeRepublic talked about their experiences growing their companies.
The Most Successful Entrepreneurs Can Cope with Rejection
What was striking about everyone’s stories was how tenacious all the entrepreneurs were when faced with so much rejection.
Stephan Shakespeare told a story of how he was rung up on Christmas Eve one year by one of his backers and told that no more money would be coming through – from that moment.
Alastair Lukies told a story of how the corporate guys he needed to meet with in Edinburgh would only see him at 5 on a Friday afternoon because they didn’t consider their time with him to be urgent or important. He lost count of the number of times he was on the way to see them from London when his assistant would call to say they had cancelled.
Sahar Hashemi and her brother went to see 19 bank managers to try to get a loan to fund their first CoffeeRepublic branch. Every one of them turned the brother and sister down. It was only the twentieth bank manager, based in a tiny branch near the City, who unexpectedly agreed to support them.
Change Brings Opportunity
As more and more regulations are imposed on companies, and loans for new ventures and expanding businesses remain difficult to obtain, becoming an entrepreneur and building a business is more challenging than ever.
Nevertheless, I believe that opportunities for new businesses are greater in 2010 than they have been for some years.
This is because we are seeing so many changes in the way people live. And when there are massive changes, there are always lots of opportunities. 
Online business is booming and hundreds of new sites are being launched every day. People who have lost their jobs are using their redundancy money to start up new enterprises. Others are using their redundancy to train in new skills in order to launch businesses in different areas from the ones they have previously worked in.
Many of these new businesses may not succeed but if they do fail, it won’t be for lack of creativity or enthusiasm.
We Have More Choice Every Day
There are so many interesting businesses being launched all the time, both large and small. People are offering hundreds of new ideas for us to choose from daily.
All consumers and businesses have to do is to decide where, how and with whom to spend our money.
2010 is likely to be a volatile year. There are so many uncertainties. Nevertheless, this will also be a year of great opportunities for those plucky tenacious people who are prepared to take risks and have a go.
I wish you all the best of luck.
PS - Inspired Entrepreneur are offering a download from the event I presented to them entitled My Entrepreneurial Journey. Details atInspired Entrepreneur
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