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10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Staff Happy
Posted on: Tuesday, December 09, 2008

10 Top Tips for Keeping Your Staff Happy
1        The person at the top creates the culture of the company they run, whether in good trading times or in tough economic conditions.
2        People will behave towards their colleagues, both inside and outside the organisation, in the same way that their boss behaves towards them.
3        Ensure that everyone in the organisation, from top to bottom, knows exactly what the company aims to achieve, what their individual role is within the organisation and exactly  what is expected of them.
4        Cultivate an atmosphere of trust in your organisation so that people will work well together without fear of backstabbing.
5        Empower people to use their initiative and make sensible decisions. Train them to know when they can go ahead on their own or when they need to consult with their manager.
6        Praise, acknowledge and encourage everyone as much as you can.
7        The workplace should be fun. Celebrate every success and even more so, in difficult times. Cake and champagne do not cost very much compared to the efforts people may have put in.
8        Ensure your staff are challenged and constantly being stretched (not overworked) so that they have the opportunity to give of their best.
9        Pay fairly and give bonuses for exceptional work.
10   Be flexible about time off for personal needs. It is better to allow someone to be a little late rather than have them taking a whole day off sick.
Judy Piatkus
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