Senior Adviser, Leadership Coach, Mentor and Facilitator

Senior Adviser

My background as a successful entrepreneur and leader, my academic work in the area of conscious leadership and my one-to-one consultations with a wide variety of businesspeople have provided a wealth of experience to draw on in order to help you.

Together we will explore your current situation and come up with effective solutions for you and for your organisation as well as assessing the potential impact on your external partners, customers and suppliers. My specialist expertise is to understand a situation quickly and to work with you as client to review all aspects of your business and to help you make the best decisions which will enable you to achieve what you really want from your life.

Coach and Mentor

I help leaders to develop a set of strategies and values for your organisation which will enable you to build profits at the same time as taking into account the effect of all your actions on the people and businesses and marketplace surrounding you. Together we look for wise viable solutions to the challenges which you are facing.

Facilitator, Speaker and Expert Panellist

I facilitate a wide range of meetings and conversations including regular personal development discussions and events for ConsciousCafe, a network of people who are interested in personal growth and personal development.

As a panelist I am invited to discuss entrepreneurship, angel investing, conscious leadership and a range of management and women’s issues. I have recently spoken on panels organised by Regent University, Hult Business School, Henley Business School, Wharton Alumni and a variety of entrepreneurial organisations.